Microporous Inorganic Membranes, Novel Porous Materials and Porous Structures

Research Interests

The Yu group's research interests are focused on rationally designing or assembling nano-materials into advanced functional structures, characterizing these nanostructures, understanding their functioning mechanisms, and exploring applications ranging from fuel production,  energy conversion, gas storage, to chemical separations. Our main goal is to improve energy efficiency for fuel production, separation processes, and environmental pollution reduction.

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Recent News

December 2019: Dr. Huazheng Li's paper is accepted by Science.  Congratulations!

November 2019: Guoke Zhao, a graduate student from Tsinghua University, joins the group as a visiting scholar.  Welcome!

October 2019: Fanglei Zhou will be starting a new position as Senior Research Engineer at Membrane Technology and Research, Inc. in November.  Congratulations!

October 2019: Mary Margaret Sta. Cruz and Wang Fan join the group as graduate students.  Welcome!

June 2019: Weiwei Xu will be starting a new position as Principle Engineer at the Gas Technology Institute.  Congratulations!

March 2019: Fanglei Zhou successfully defended his Ph.D thesis. Congratulations!

February 2019: Our group received the DOE award on developing adsorbents for CO2 capture. 

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